If you are here, it is likely because you have intended to find healing. Luna llena wellness wants to help bring that intent of personal healing to fruitition. Like the full moon energy, luna llena wellness is here to help remove dense, stored up energy from the body, mind and soul. 

The philosophy of Luna llena wellness is to help create peace, balance, healing, and bliss in each individual client. The goal is to bring harmony back to body, mind and soul by clearing the mind and restoring the body through exercise, yoga, therapeutic massage, energetic balancing, workshops, events, and a safe community for growth and transformation.  Luna llena wellness is dedicated and designed to engage you on your personal pathway to vitality to become the best you you can be. 

Luna llena translates to full moon. Throughout history and all around the world, the moon cycle has been used to mark seasons, for calendars, to assist in planning, and as a direct correlation to women's bodies and menstrual cycles. Luna llena wellness intends to adhere to the same energy the full moon provides on the planet.The name was chosen based upon the belief of the energetic cycle of the moon. The full moon is when the intent and projects of the new moon begins to bear fruit. It is also a time where the lunar energy is most powerful and helps to remove dense, stored up energies.  


About your therapist 

From early childhood, I was blessed with a strong connection to mother nature, my guides and my soul purpose. Early in life, I also experienced hard traumas and loss. When i reached my teen years, I spiraled into confusion, anxiety, and depression. Deep down, though, I could still hear the quiet whisper to help. At the age of 14 I began my first volunteer work with a local shelter for battered women, caring for the children, as well as helping put together crafts and activities for mothers to incorporate fun and down time for the women. But I struggled deep within myself. I was not balanced. I was not loving, nurturing, protecting or caring for myself. At the young age of 16 I became a mother. Through a near death experience and the birth of my child, I also re-birthed myself. I began to walk my path again and remember who I was. I began my own personal journey of healing. As I healed myself, my ability to expand in social welfare also grew. My fire was re-ignited and my connection to my guides strengthened. At the age of 18 I began to work as a certified intervention counselor for survivors of sexual assault. Soon after, I began holding annual womens gatherings focused on empowerment and love. I have been following my souls whispers and guidance on what steps to take professionally and personally to continue my own personal growth and healing, as well as guidance on how to help others on their paths. I hold a strong belief in the importance of body, mind, soul connection and my intention is to help balance, nurture, and cultivate that connection with each one of my clients.through therapeutic massage, energetic balancing, reiki, and yoga. My own personal lifes traumas, experiences, loss, and pain has given me a deep empathy and understanding for all individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. My passion and heart go into all that I do and I feel truly blessed for each individual I am privileged to work with. Love and light, Sasha.


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